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About Us

We have over 25 years of experience working with different companies, from a variety of backgrounds. We specialise in problem solving & reconciliations including book clean-up & set up. We provide business consultancy assisting you in promoting and saving your company money.

The founder started this company due to repeatedly walking into companies from various different backgrounds and discovering that companies basic accounts were in complete disarray, relying on accountants to provide them with figures, but not really having the accuracy of information of where they stood with suppliers and/or clients.

Who we can help

  • Sole Trader
  • Individuals
  • Limited Business
  • Social enterprise and community accounts
  • Other services


Company overview

Are you aware of the state of your company? Are there any protocols in place?

Would you be left in the lurch if your employees quit tomorrow? Could you bring in a substitute who is ready to take on the responsibilities?

Do you have a backlog that needs to be cleared?

Successful Business Solutions Ltd is here to assist you.

We have previously worked with numerous firms as individuals, and they have advanced to either more success or discovered they were losing money, clawing back just in time.

Companies underestimate the value of having their finances in order from beginning to end; having these in place can not only save you money on accountants’ fees, but will also put your business in a better position allowing you to run your business more efficiently.

We also conduct business consultations, using our many years of knowledge and observation to help you identify numerous solutions for improving and professionalising your firm while increasing turnover and lowering costs in the long run.

Our organisation troubleshoots and solves difficulties with your bookkeeping and accounting, delivering solutions to get your business back on track financially.

Why choose Successful Business Solutions Ltd

Because of the vast hands on experience you will definitely recognise a change in your company progression no matter which of the services you choose.

Our staff are dedicated and determined to aid where possible.

Take the right steps and see results when you save time and attain company efficiency. You’ll expand faster than you ever thought possible.

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